Wildlifetrackers.com provides a venue from which to foster and promote the application of animal tracking skills in North America and beyond. Animal tracking has purpose in the varied applications of conservation research and monitoring, ecotourism, anti-poaching, and hunting. Purpose boosts skill levels, stimulates continuous learning, as well as encourages honesty and humility.

Wildlifetrackers.com is dedicated to the preservation of both tracking skills and the people who use them. Through the application of animal tracking skills, competent trackers gain greater credibility, and thus greater opportunities to contribute to our understanding and monitoring of ecosystems and wildlife.

New Track and Sign Specialists

During a Track and Sign Specialist Evaluation this April, five new Specialist certificates were awarded: Jason Knight and Filip Tkaczyk of Alderleaf Wilderness College, Marcus Reynerson of Wilderness Awareness School, S. David Scott of Alderleaf and Wilderness Awareness School, and Chris Byrd. A special congratulations and thanks to them for their achievements, diligence, and dedication to the field of wildlife tracking!

Lynx in NH

“Professional trackers have identified the tracks of an endangered Canada lynx in Jefferson, N.H. The trackers made the discovery while working on a New Hampshire Audubon project studying the behavior of wildlife crossing US Route 2 in Jefferson and Randolph.”

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