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The Top 5 Most Impessive Summer Flower Festivals In The World


The period from June to September is considered as the most suitable time for the tourists to take part in the most impressive summer flower festivals in the world.

Being the common events in many countries, the summer flower festivals are held with the purposes that are not only to honor many kinds of the flowers but also to introduce the beauties of the nature as well as the culture of these countries.

The Genzano Infiorata flower festival in Italy:

If you have a chance to come to Italy in June, you should spend at least one day discovering the Genzano Infiorata flower festival in Genzano town to honor the Eucharist.  Since the first one was held in 1778, this festival, which has been organized by the increasingly large size, becomes the most famous religious, historical and traditional event in Italy as well as in the world attracting about 150.000 tourists yearly.

During 3 days of this festival, a number of visitors flock to the main road named Via Belardi leading to the church called Santa Maria della Cima in order to contemplate the flower covers that are designed as the masterpieces related to the topic of the religion or beautiful masterworks by the local artists.

In the last day of this festival, that the children in this area are allowed to run on the covers of flowers is a unique form to put this event to the end.

The Feria las Flores flower festival in Columbia:


In the early August every year, the residents living Medellín city in Columbia are excited to organize the Feria las Flores flower festival that has occurred since 1957 with the Silleteros parade that is considered as the most attractive event.

The participants in the flower parade of this festival are the farmers putting the 70-kilogram trays with 25 to 70 types of flowers on their back. Occurring in 10 days, this festival plays an important role to decorate the town beautifully with millions of flowers.

With the arranged bouquets of flowers, the artists show off the imagines of landscapes, portraits or messages about values of the culture of the local residents. In this parade, there are the appearance and attention of the dancers in eye-catching costumes and the impressive music bands.

Being the intangible cultural heritage of the world as well as the symbol of the end of the slavery, Feria las Flores is famous for not only the flowers but also over 140 traditional and modern cultural events including music concerts, fairs selling horses, music festivals of orchestras, exhibitions of antique and modern cars or parades of dogs.

As the general rule, the organizer intends to hold this event from July 29th to August 7th in 2016.

The Laredo flower festival in Spain:

On yearly August 26th , the Laredo city in Cantabria which is the homeland of the residents belonged to the autonomous community of Spain is full of the colorful flowers in the Batalla Flores flower festival. In this festival, there are many exciting activities for the tourist to join in. One of the interesting main performances or repertoires happening in the last Friday of August yearly is the parade of cars that are decorated with many kinds of fresh flowers.

To ensure the fairness, a jury with their votes is appointed to choose the most beautiful flower cars. The appearance of outdoor markets or fairs and music bands that perform on the roads in Laredo create the attraction for the land named Batalla Flores.

Unlike other festivals above, the Laredo flower festival ends with the firework displays at nightfall.

The Brussels flower festival in Belgium:

Every two years, the festival with the decoration of the giant covers of flower is held in the central Square of Brussels in Belgium. The festival happening in 2016 is also the 20th celebration of the appearance of the first flower covers.

As expected, the visitors will get the opportunities to admire the masterworks made of over 600.000 flowers, grass and painted wood chips in the 1800-square meter area during the period from August 12th to August 15th .



As the time to hold the festival of this year is in the same time to the 150th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship and friendship between Belgium and Japan, the designs of flower covers about the traditional values of Japanese will be shown off. Particularly, the beauty of the flower covers become more sparkling when it is combined with the effects of sound and light during the festival.

The Luchon flower festival in France:

The 117th Luchon flower festival in France occurring under the weather of summer from 25th to 28th of August starts with a traditional competition called Miss Flower of Pyrenees. Remarkably, one of the central activities getting much attention of the tourist and local residents is the parade of the cars decorated with flowers and puppets in the bustling sound of groups of artists and dancers coming from many countries in the world.

During the time that the festival happens in Luchon city which is located at the foot of the mountain chain named Pyrenees, there are many attractive selections to spend your time here such as taking part in the competitions or enjoying shows of the traditional music bands or the foreign music bands, performances using laser and firework displays.

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