Wildlife Tracking

Wildlife Tracking

What attracts tourists to come to North America?

Nowadays, traveling to any part in the world is no longer an unbelievable thing. Actually there are a range of spectacular scenic that you can come to discover, which brings you interesting knowledge and training living skills. Thus, I would like to recommend you a wonderful place in the North of America which has a beautiful nature – Great Lakes and what makes it become a wonderful place like that.

  1. Vast area

Great Lakes raking as the second largest fresh lake in the world is located in almost Ontario province, Canada and 8 state of America. It is formed by 5 other lakes which are Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake Superior . This lakes is home of many species.  More than 3,500 species of plants and animals inhabit the Great Lakes basin, including 170-plus species of fish.

Lake Erie

  1. Attractive beaches

The Great Lakes is well known with a range of popular recreation sports such as boating, fishing and other interesting sports. Although it is not blue water sea, lakes in Great Lakes still have owned spectacular beaches with silent surface, sandy beaches and thousands of reed on the banks, which makes you more comfortable after hard working days

  1. Bewitching sunrises and sunsets

The colors that are mixed between light yellow, gray, and red appear behind of mountains or cover to lakes surface are the great picture that you would never forget. That is a picture that built from many colors, there is dark area, there is light area

  1. Islands

The Great Lakes is “inhabit” of more than 32.000 islands with a diverse ecosystem, which attracts tourists well. The most famous island is Royale in Superior lake where is known as a national park

  1. National parks

Beside parks in Royale island, Great Lakes has a number of ecosystems that bring to you a fresh air and a free emotion when coming here. You can choose some kind of sport to play here such as hiking, climbing and swimming to relax

  1. 4 wonderful seasons

Lakes in the Great Lakes are preferred by natural when owning 4 seasons in a year. Especially, in Falling, trees change to yellow or red instead of green and in winter it is covered by snow. Imagining that picture makes us want to there right now.

  1. Romantic fishing villages

Along with Great Lakes, there are many romantic fishing villages, peaceful town and free life, which attract visitors to enjoy a fluted life and avoid busy industrial cities. You can experience a fishing life as local people. It could be make sure that these experiences are unforgettable with you

If you are wondering in terms of where to go, the Great Lakes is the best choice for you. The Great Lakes would seem to meet any hard requirements of tourists because of  its beauties.

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