Wildlife Tracking

Wildlife Tracking

How to survive in the North America wildness

Have you ever imaged that your class holds a picnic in the forest; you were so absorbed in discovering new things around you. You were following the butterflies, listening to the rustling of the leaves, looking at the superb waterfall and suddenly I found yourselves alone, nobody was around you. You lost. What should you do first? According to the first automatic reflex, the situation gives you the level of panic and concern because your safety is in danger. To survive alone in the wild, you should be patient and wise to take full of advantage of gifts from nature. If you want to survive in the North America wildness when being lost, just follow steps.

Do a research

Before the trip, you should get a solid understanding of the area where I will come such as the terrain, climate, water source… studying a map and make sure bring it around you which will increase chance of your surviving. Knowledge of local flora and fauna is useful for you to save your life. For example, the plants are eatable, where the dangerous snacks, ruts are.



When taking part in the trip, you need to eat well, don’t skip any meals, and tell somebody or your family members where you will come, when you will return, give your phone number to contact in urgent cases to avoid unexpected accidents. In case, you cannot find the way to get out the wood and return home, people will realize that you are lost, and rescue you quickly

Bring the gear

According to specialists, the basic survival tools include a knife, a fire steel (metal match), some matches, some cords, a compass, a mirror, a space blanket, water purify tablets. Although they are small, it helps you overcome border between life and death.

Carry a mean of communication

A cell phone with full battery or a portable radio can be the quickest way to call for the help when you are lost and injured in the forest.

Don’t panic

Being lost, you are usually scared which is more dangerous than anything else around you.  Don’t panic! You should remember that panic cannot solve any problems. On the contrary, it makes problems become more complex. Let’s take a breath and calm down because the most useful and versatile survival tool is your mind.

Get oriented

After keeping your mind, you need to find the way to mark by using a space piece of clothes, sheet of paper, and a pile of rock on your way (you should prepare a best handheld gps). Knowledge of base direction such as the sun rises the East and sets in the West and compass will help you identify correct direction you should go.

Build a fire

Starting a fire is necessary, even if the weather is hot because there are a lot of dangerous animals in the forest; the fire protects us from it. On the other hand, you should not build a fire in the safe area. If you are careless, you can cause a forest fire.

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