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Wildlife Tracking

How to find your way out in forest when you get lost

Lost in the Forest

It is obvious that a jungle adventure is very interesting with so many experiences when you have a chance to feel the nature. Just imagine it when you and your best friend spend your vacation in some forest for hunting animals or exploring, building campfire together. Do you think that they are unforgettable and amazing experiences in your lives?

However, a hunting trip or an exploration in a forest are not only enjoyable but also dangerous and challenging. In details, while you are in a forest, you are likely to face many different threats such as wild animals, rough terrain, heavy rain as well as the extremely hot or cold weather. With all of the things above, you can completely get injured or worse, killed even when you are an expert at adventuring.

Besides, one of most terrible things when you are in a forest is getting lost. In this case, you are completely separate from other people. This is totally possible, especially at night when you are frequently distracted by other things.

Have you ever asked yourself: “ How is it gonna be when you are alone and very scared to do anything properly?”. It is certain that all the people who have ever been through this situation will never forget the feeling of getting lost in jungle. That is why that you have to be very careful the entire time because you can get lost anytime. If you need some tips for this situation, here are some for you:

How to find your way out in forest

Don’t panic

It is the fact that when getting lost in forest, people are likely to be panic and they can hardly control themselves. Remember that panic is your greatest enemy when you’ve got lost. This is because when you are panic, you can’t think straight no matter how skilled you are.

Therefore, the most important thing you need to do is to remind yourself to stay calm as well as positive. This will help you use your experiences effectively to come through this situation.

Pay close attention to the landmarks and surroundings in order to your location on the map

Don’t just walk aimlessly and trust your compass and map( if you have them)

You have to use a compass and map to find the right direction. However, in forest, especially when getting lost, we always walk in circles, even when we have them. Thus, be careful if you realize that you are not walking in the same direction, if so, just calm down and to try to remember where did you take a turn from the direction. But if you can find a trail, then don’t  leave the trail no matter what happens.

Start retracing your steps

Retrace your steps

Keep in mind that wherever you go, you always have to leave markers so that you can return to any place when something goes wrong. This will also make it easier for your friends to find you. That’s why you have to make as many marks as you can, on the direction as well as every turn you take.

If you can’t retrace your steps then you’d better just stay at one certain place so that the others can find you more quickly

Remember that when it is too difficult for you to retrace your steps, don’t try to go anywhere because this only takes the others longer to find you. Instead, you should create a marking so that the other can see it by air.

You can also sing or shout loudly for help once you hear the other trying to find you. But it is perfect for you to build a fire camp so that everyone else can see the smoke rising to the sky. Here are some tips for you to do build a fire camp:

– You need to search for dry paper, twigs or any that can catch fire easily.

– Combine them with larger wooden logs

– Start by clearing a circular area and surrounding it with some rocks for insulation.

– Add the tinder, kindling as well as the rest of the wood slowly

It is no doubt that there are so many threats in the forest but just try to stay in the open as long as possible. Do not try to hide under brushes or in a cave because if you do that, no one can find you.

Find a source of water and food to keep staying alive

Hunting in waterIt is clear that water is the most important thing that keep you alive. This is because human beings can survive even weeks without food but only a couple of days with water. Therefore, if you can find a spring, it will be the most reliable source of water. But if you can’t find one, you can completely gather dew off plants in the early mornings or even drink from a river. This may not safe for your health at all but this is the only way to stay alive.

In addition, don’t forget to feed yourself just because you can’t find the others. In fact, if you are too hungry, you can’t do anything, especially at night when there are so many threats around. Therefore, just take it easy and find some safe food to eat even they are insects or other small animals you might find.

If you are in a hunting trip, probably you have your own gears, so you can use your Hunting Air Rifle, Knife, Bows or anything you have to find food. Don’t forget to save your ammo, don’t wasting it.

Find some place or if impossible, build shelter to stay safe if the night falls or you are exhausted or injured

Find the nearest cave or anything like that so that you can hide inside, protecting yourself from rain and more importantly, dangerous animals. If the night falls or you are so tired to keep walking and finding the others, just stop and wait until tomorrow.

In case you can’t find any cave, it is perfect to build a shelter on your own but to do this, you have to practice a lot, however, here are the useful advice for you:

Build a Shelter

You want to build a shelter, you have to find woods which is very plentiful in any forest. Gather them as much as possible and then use your creativity to create an isolated space. Remember to use the large pieces to build the skeletal structure of the shelter.

Just make sure that your temporary home is waterproof by gathering a lot of leaves on the top so that you will not get wet due to the midnight rain. You not only have to make the shelter solid so that it won’t be carried away by the wind but also need ventilation so don’t cover it completely

As a last resort, follow a stream or a drainage downhill

When all hope is gone and you find a downstream, just follow it because maybe you can come to some civilization eventually.

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