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Guides Helping You to Run in the Right Ways

We all know that running is considered as a very effective exercise for everyone because it is simple and easy to practice. However, there are also a lot of people who find it really difficult, which makes them give up right after they start their work. Because they get hurts when running, they do not want to do it again. This is the result of practicing running wrongly.

Here in this post, there are some guides that will help you to run in the right ways so that you can get the best result of running without hurts.

young fitness woman runner running at forest trail

  • What shoes do you wear?

Naturally, the most important thing you need here is the best running or best walking shoes for women or for men. A pair of good shoes will not only help you run better but also protect your feet from getting hurts. The shoes must be fit to the feet and not too tight or too wide with the thick soles at the heels. They will help to keep your feet away from being wounded well.

  • How about the clothes?

The primary demand of the sportswear is that it has to be neat, light, convenient, and not hard to run. Furthermore, you should wear the clothes suitable for the weather so that you will be comfortable when acting.

  • Where should you run?

You can run anywhere such as at the stadium, on the roads or the gym but the best places are the parks or the ones near your house. If the roads are too hard, they will not be good for your feet. Therefore, you should run in the gardens which has the soft grass only for running.

You should run along with walking to reduce the tiredness. You can divide your road into smaller ones which are about 100, 200 or 500 m. Thus you can know your speed exactly.

  • When can you run?

For the beginners, you should only run 2 days a week. If you can run better later, you can practice 3-4 days a week.

You should avoid running too late in the evening because it can cause insomnia. Besides, do not practice too early in the morning right after you wake up as your body is not ready to act strongly. You just should practice after eating at least 2 hours and finish before eating at least 30 minutes.

You should also supplement water for the body before, after, and during training to compensate for the lost water when running.

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  • Do you need to make a start before running?

Yes, definitely. It is really important for anyone who wants to practice without getting hurts. You should do some light activities to make your body ready before you start running. You should practice for your muscles of the shoulders, the legs along with the joints of the hand and feet. This will help to reduce the injury you may get during running.

  • How to run?

When running, you need to keep your body straight naturally and relax your muscles, especially your shoulder ones. Along with this, you should land on your whole feet, which starts by the heel and finish by the toes in the running process. If you land by the toes, your ankle joints will be easy to deform, which makes your heel and knee areas painful.

In conclusion, we hope that these above guides can help you run in the right ways and get the best result from it. Best wishes for you!

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